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Rooney "to leave Manchester United", Moyes "resigned" to exit

Yet another report concerning Wayne Rooney emerges tonight, but the Daily Mail have some interesting information with regards to the striker's situation at Manchester United.

Scott Heavey

Well, there's one more. The Daily Mail have a report out tonight too, and the title is "Wayne Rooney to leave Manchester United." Pretty bombastic, but they also reveal some new information.

According to the Mail, Rooney and David Moyes have already met up earlier in the summer, with the feeling that the meeting did not go well enough, hence requiring further talks. They state that David Moyes is "increasingly resigned" to the prospect of his departure, and that his leaving is a matter of "when, not if."

Some pretty bold claims, although that's as far as they go with the new information. Nothing on whether Rooney is being asked to take a pay cut or will be willing to accept one, and only the suggestion that he will go on United's pre-season tour regardless.

Apparently Moyes has "not completely given up hope", but that remains to be seen. The meeting will, apparently, still go ahead, but Rooney and his representatives will use it to state the player's intention to leave.

There'll be a lot flying around about this tomorrow night, probably suggesting all sorts of outcomes, but we'll have to see where we end up. Above all, I hope the other report in this stream, that Moyes would guarantee Rooney wouldn't be dropped, is utter nonsense. If we are to keep Rooney, we should do so in a way where he can cause us as few problems as possible.