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United transfer business imminent as CEO leaves tour

Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward has reportedly left the club's pre-season tour of Australia to carry out important transfer business.

Mark Metcalfe

Manchester United's CEO Ed Woodward has left the club's pre-season tour in Australia to carry out important transfer business, according to the Press Association.

There are no more details given as to what this could involve, but the reports are highly likely to be reliable, and are circulating around the press now. We've already seen reported Chelsea bids for Wayne Rooney today, and there's also the Cesc Fabregas case to be looking at. Of course, it could be something completely unrelated, or a transfer out of the club rather than in. We've been linked to so many players recently that even a surprise bid out of the blue could be a possibility.

Nonetheless, it seems that United are finally getting into gear as they seek to get involved in the transfer window. We'll keep you updated with any developments, but whether we'll hear any more on this today is uncertain. It's a long way to Sydney, after all...