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Mourinho: I want Rooney or no-one

Chelsea's Jose Mourinho says that Manchester United's Wayne Rooney is the only player he wants to sign in this transfer window.

Richard Heathcote

José Mourinho has now spoken out following Chelsea's 1-0 re-season victory over Singha All-Stars about the Wayne Rooney situation, and he's not happy.

Mourinho stated: "Nothing is a secret anymore. Chelsea are interested in the player, Chelsea made an official bid. There is nothing more to say and nothing more to do."

When asked "Is it Rooney or bust?", Mourinho replied "Yes", and confirmed that Rooney is the only transfer Chelsea are seeking at this moment.

This makes United's apparent reluctance to sell to Chelsea all the more difficult. It was easier to do when we had the impression they were just putting out feelers to see if he was available, but a more determined pursuit may be difficult to shrug off. No other suitors have made formal bids for Rooney just yet, although that could well change over the next few days. Stay tuned for developments when we get them...