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What Wenger actually said about Fabregas

Reports suggest Arsene Wenger has said that Fabregas has decided to stay at Barcelona for an extra year rather than sign for Manchester United, but that's not exactly what the Arsenal manager said.

Chris McGrath

A story is doing the rounds on Arsene Wenger's comments after one of Arsenal's pre-season friendlies stating that Cesc Fabregas has decided to stay at Barcelona and will not be joining Manchester United.

Here's the Mirror's story. They quote Wenger as saying:"At the moment, Fabregas has decided to stay one more year at Barcelona.

"We have the clause in the contract so we would be on alert but at the moment that's not something we're after."

That is indeed what Wenger said. In between those two lines, however, he also said this:

"Unless he has changed his mind. I don’t know. But that’s what I have been told."

So, far from certain then. In other words: Wenger doesn't know. And why would he? A clause is surely only going to be triggered should a bid be accepted or made - it surely can't depend on something as undefinable as a player's intent.

United's CEO, Ed Woodward, has flown out of the pre-season tour and there are some suggestions he could be heading to Barcelona to try and hammer out the deal. There may well be more on this tomorrow.