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Spanish press coming round to Fabregas departure to Manchester United?

El Mundo Deportivo claim that Cesc Fabregas could be considering a switch to Manchester United, marking a significant shift in the way the story has been reported in Spain.


Cesc Fabregas is considering his future at Barcelona and could be more likely to join Manchester United after the departure of Tito Vilanova, according to Catalonia-based Spanish sport daily El Mundo Deportivo.

How significant is this? Well, fro, what we've known, the suggestion seems to have been that Barcelona are the real stumbling block in the way of getting this deal done, rather than Fabregas himself. Nonetheless, this is an important development because it means the Spanish press - the Catalan press, even - are starting to believe that Fabregas could indeed leave the club to join United.

Up until now, the story hasn't been reported in Spain anywhere near as much as it has been in England, with the general view that neither player nor club would be interested prevailing. For whatever reason, that has now changed.

We know the reasons Fabregas himself would be up for the move - a significant wage rise, a more guaranteed, important role - but whether Barcelona would be minded to sell is another question. The club are probably in need of funds to strengthen their defence, having spend huge money recently to buy Neymar as well as give Lionel Messi a bumper new contract.

As for Fabregas, should he sign a new deal at Barcelona, the club would need to give him a colossal wage increase. The new Spanish tax laws don't apply to contracts signed before they came into force, so Fabregas is still on the old rate. He'll need a new contract in the near future, and Barcelona would need to pay him much more just to keep him on the same wages.

Reports differ on whether Barcelona are still considering United's second offer or whether it's been rejected and a third bid is imminent. Either way, the next move from Cataloniq could be very interesting.