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Mourinho: No second bid for Wayne Rooney

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has told reporters that there has been no second bid for Manchester United's Wayne Rooney as Chelsea are "happy with what we have."

Clive Brunskill

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho rejected claims that a second bid had been made for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and said his club are "calm" over the transfer.

Reports had indicated the Blues made another attempt to sign Rooney, but Mourinho said: "That bid which was public and official and after that nothing else."

"We are calm, as we told you we are calm, because we are happy with what we have."

Whether this means that the club have given up on signing Rooney or whether they are biding their time is yet to be seen. There are suggestions that Manchester United will not entertain selling to Chelsea, but a report in yesterday's Daily Star stated that United would only sell Rooney after they had attracted a 'marquee signing' as his replacement - possibly Cesc Fabregas.

Unfortunately; it looks like this one could take a while to resolve. Interestingly, the two clubs play each other in the league a few days before the close of the transfer window, so United really could wait until the last minute on this one.