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Manchester United offered hope for final Fabregas bid

Manchester United will make a third bid for Cesc Fabregas, according to the English press, and the club believes it could be the one to finally convince Barcelona to sell.

David Ramos

Pretty much every single English news outlet, as well as ESPN, are agreed - Manchester United will make a third bid of 35 million euros for Cesc Fabregas in an attempt to prise the midfielder from Barcelona.

The story originally appeared in the Manchester Evening News but was reported separately by a variety of sources shortly afterwards, so it's highly likely that the bid will be made. Whether it will be enough for Barcelona to accept is another matter, but there seems to be a general agreement that United have some confidence in their pursuit.

The reasoning for that confidence is familiar - Cesc Fabregas has still made no public comment since United made their interest formal, so the chances that he's open to a move are very high indeed. United could also give him a bumper wage rise, and Barcelona may cash in to fund the purchase of a top-class centre-back, both gaining the money from Fabregas' sale and saving the money not only on his existing contract but avoiding the expense of a costly renewal.

When exactly the bid will be made, and how long it will take Barcelona to respond to it, remains to be seen, but there should be a development of some sort this week.