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Thiago roundup: Signing could be less than 24 hours away

A lot of stories concerning Thiago were posted today, and most turned out to be complete nonsense. Despite that, the deal still looks like going ahead.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

There's been so much posted about Thiago today that I can't possibly stomach putting it in separate articles, because the majority of it is completely false. On that note, here's a short round-up.

1. Thiago has been removed from the Barcelona team photo

This was just an instagram thing - Barcastuff claimed this was because of the limitations of instragram, which seems like a fairly feeble excuse, but then according to Mundo Deportivo, the player was still on the official website. This all means literally nothing.

2. Thiago has agreed a deal 'in principle'

This comes from a minor PA report which gives no new information and says details of the contract are still being worked out. In other words, it's not done yet. Surprise! Again, this means nothing.

3. Barcelona are looking at potential replacements

Does Thiago need to be replaced? Why? Isn't the whole point of this transfer that he's not an important member of their first-team squad? Would Dortmund really sell Ilkay Gundogan now? How would Bernard, a wide player, be a replacement for Thiago? All of this is speculative garbage.

4. Thiago's family have sold their restaurant in Barcelona

How long do you think it takes to sell a restaurant in a recession-hit country? About an afternoon, apparently, judging by the speed with which the chinese-whispers of these reports spread. Which is why you should, no terrible joke intended, take it with a pinch of salt.

So, all bad news? Well, no. Not quite. Sky Sports, who are as reliable a source as you'll find in the English media, were very positive on the deal today and even backed up the claim as "very strong rumours" (Sky Sports, unlike their Italian cousins, do not baselessly speculate) that Thiago would be unveiled tomorrow. In the Spanish press, the opinion appears to be universal that the deal is basically done. And we are now approaching the point where it's probably too late for another club to come in for him.

Whether this will happen tomorrow, we don't know, although it's certainly a possibility. Whether it is happening at some point is approaching a certainty.