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Long-term United target asks club for move

Leighton Baines has asked Everton to agree a deal with Manchester United for his services, according to the Independent.

Paul Thomas

Everton defender Leighton Baines has asked the club to agree a deal with Manchester United, according to the Independent.

Baines has been the subject of three bids so far from United, but Everton are determined to keep him and the player had not shown any sign of forcing the move. Yet now, things have swung in United's favour as the left-back has asked his club to sort out a deal so that he can make the move.

The fact that Everton desperately want to keep hold of Baines won't change, however, and there are still the same reservations over paying a high price for him. Firstly, he's 28. Secondly, Patrice Evra has started the season very well. Thirdly, he can be quite a limited player. Fourthly, he has a track history of getting 'homesick.' And fifthly he thinks Bradley Wiggins is a role model and likes terrible indie bands.

This one will probably drag on, and Everton certainly need to sell players, although Marouane Fellaini may be a more likely target. Baines has two things going against him: Everton are more determined to keep hold of him, and United are more in need of reinforcements in midfield. Those two mean that a fee being agreed between the two clubs is far more likely for the Belgian, but this is a positive development if United wish to make the signing.