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City hold the key to United's January business — reports

According to the papers, Kevin Strootman's move to United is only a matter of time. And Manchester City might be able to lend a hand ...

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Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The search for a new angle on the apparently inevitable transfer of Kevin Strootman to Manchester United has taken a exciting twist today. The Telegraph, thinking firmly outside the box, have worked out that it's in the best interests of United fans to support Manchester City. Just for this evening, like.

United's cross-town pale blue cousins are playing Roma, you see, and a place in the last 16 of the Champions League is on the line. While the various outcomes are slightly complicated, a City win would likely see them progress at Roma's expense. Which would, in turn, lead to Roma selling Strootman to United in January. Reportedly. Apparently. Theoretically. Suggestively. Ecumenically.

Kudos to the Telegraph, for finding a fresh take on the least exciting transfer saga of all time. As to whether any United fan can bring themselves to cheer City tonight, well, that's between you and your conscience. Appropriately enough, an anagram of Kevin Strootman is NORMATIVE KNOTS, which sort of says it all.