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Atlético star snubs United move — reports

Uruguayan centre back Diego Godín has no intention of leaving the Spanish capital.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Cross another centre back of the list, Diego Godín, thoroughly admirable Uruguayan hardnut and heart of the Atlético  Madrid side that won the Spanish league last season, is not interested in coming to Manchester. Or anywhere else, apparently. As he told ESPN ...

At this point, I feel that I'm in the best time of my career and I still see my retirement very far. I would like to stay many years here [at Atlético]. But it is true that I also have an attraction from my country and at any point in the future I would like to return to Uruguay, to respond to the love they have showed me during this years.

Now, football wouldn't be football if something this unequivocal wasn't immediately hedged in the appropriate fashion ...

But just the time will say. It is difficult to know where I will be playing in as many years.

... and since Atlético are pretty well debt-laden, the possibility of them trying to move on some of their better players for large amounts of money can't be ruled out. But Godín, for his part, isn't up for it. Oh well.