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United target signs new Bayern deal

Bayern Munich and Germany forward Thomas Müller has signed a new deal with Bayern Munich, perhaps bringing to a close United's reported interest.

Laurence Griffiths

Good news for Manchester United's mismatched and misfiring collection of attackers this morning. Thomas Müller, who was recently giving it the big one about wanting to know if he was an "essential component" of Bayern Munich's squad, has been given his answer. And that answer is "yes, please sign here, thank you".

His new contract will run until 2019, and while he will almost certainly earn a fortune and win loads of trophies, he won't be doing it with Manchester United. Still, while United won't be getting one of the planet's most talented and interesting players, there is at least a lesson about transfer rumours to be learned here. If somebody comes out and says "I need to see how things stand with Bayern Munich and I love Louis van Gaal," then something might be happening. Might.

If, alternatively, somebody comes out and says "I need to see how things stand at Bayern Munich," having at some unspecified and likely irrelevant point in the past said "I love Louis van Gaal," then perhaps not. Other Bayern Munich contract news: Philipp Lahm has also signed a new deal, which will run until 2018, but Toni Kroos, on the other hand, has not.