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Bayern Munich star hints at unhappiness

Germany and Bayern Munich star Thomas Müller has been thinking about his future, and may confront his club about their plans for him.

Claudio Villa

Attention everybody. Bayern Munich forward-without-portfolio Thomas Müller has been saying things to German magazine Stern:

I have reached the point where I want to know if I am an essential component of the Bayern Munich first XI for the new season and if the club has plans for me over the coming years. That's why I will be out to have a meeting. I am not the type of guy that says: ‘Alright, I have played a good part and will keep my mouth shut and everyone else is able to do with me whatever he wants'. As a Munich boy your test at Bayern Munich is always a bit tougher, but we are the grassroots of this club."

Oh, you flirt! What does this have to do with Manchester United, you might be asking? Well, a number of British newspapers have taken the quotes above, placed them in juxtaposition with this musing from a short while ago ...

It's no secret that Louis van Gaal and I have a relationship that goes a little beyond the normal relationship between coaches and players.

... and come up with something that looks suspiciously like a transfer rumour. We at tBB are sceptical about this one, if only because it's hard to imagine Bayern saying anything other than "Yes, Thomas, you're brilliant and we want you to stay". But then, funny things happen at places like Bayern, where common sense is frequently the first casualty of colliding egos. We'll see.