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United take "new Ronaldo" on trial

According to reports, two of Portugal's finest prospects are on trial at Old Trafford.

Michael Steele

How many new Ronaldos are we up to now? Could we put together a five-a-side team yet?

Anyway, here's news of another. Joao Felipe, currently attached to Portuguese champions Benfica and aged just 15, is reportedly coming to United on trial. The young winger doesn't appear to even have anything on Youtube, so nascent is his career, but at least one internet source insists that he "is capable of playing in various positions" and "has a shap eye for goal". How do they know? No idea.

Also along for a couple of weeks' work out is Joao Virginia — yes, apparently everybody in Portugal is called Joao — a goalkeeper of the same age. Don't pay too much attention to the fact that these two are fifteen years old. Certainly don't compare what they're doing — training with Manchester United — with what you were doing at the same age. It'll only end in a vague sense of disappointment.

Whether United are seriously interested in both remains to be seen, as does whether anything concrete would come from any such interest. However, according to Sky Sports "a host of Premier League clubs" have been chasing the pair, and Barcelona have already had one offer rejected. So that's nice.