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Woodward on transfers: "Watch this space"

Ed Woodward has been making noises with his mouth again.

Michael Regan

It's not easy being Ed Woodward. Last summer, as David Moyes sat awkwardly in his office chair and tried to ignore the screaming of his soul, Manchester United's executive vice-chairman was also struggling to adjust to his new role. Turns out there's more to life than an endless supply of Official Peanut Partners.

Moyes has gone, but Woodward's still here. And, to give him his due, he appears to be getting better at the transfer side of things. Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera were both signed in good time, albeit for big money, and according to the man himself there's more to come. Interviewed by MUTV on the club's summer tour, Woodward confirmed that this summer's business isn't over:

We've been working with Louis over several weeks with regards to targets and we're continuing to move forward on some of those targets ... There is no fixed budget. Financially we are extremely strong and funds are available. Louis is assessing what's going on and there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, so watch this space.

But every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, and just as some players may be coming in, so some others may be leaving:

A few players have already gone and there may well be a few others. It's also worth commenting that we're not in Europe this year, so there are fewer games and Louis may take the view that he wants a tighter squad to bed in.

And, of course, Manchester United are still the absolute bestest:

We are still a huge attraction to top football stars around the world - there is no doubt about that.

That's nice. No, he didn't mention Arturo Vidal.