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Italian press: new bid for Juventus midfielder

It is happening again. It is happening again. It is happening again.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

We at tBB are officially bored of Arturo Vidal. The backlash begins here. He's rubbish, he's got silly hair, he's definitely not exactly the kind of player that United's midfield has been crying out for since ... since Roy Keane left, maybe, and he's rubbish. And has silly hair. And is rubbish.

But that's not swaying Louis van Gaal and it's not swaying Ed Woodward; at least, not if you believe Italian newspaper Tuttosport. A bid of €40m has been rejected, apparently, but a new bid's going in, one that starts at €43m and could rise to around €50m, depending on various bonuses. Wages of €6.7m/year will be offered to Vidal himself, and Juventus' attempts to get a bidding war have foundered because nobody else who could afford him is interested.

That all sounds very precise, doesn't it? Apropos of nothing, please enjoy this compilation of Tuttosport transfer splashes thoughout the years. Our favourite is the Messi-to-Juve, Owen-to-Inter double-whammy.