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PSG megastar rules out United move

... and brings an end to one of the more persistent rumours of the summer.

Matthias Hangst

That's that, then. Edinson Cavani, he of the lovely hair and the persistent links to Manchester United, has definitively ruled out leaving Paris Saint-Germain this summer ...

I am certain to stay, why wouldn't I be? I feel great in Paris. I have a contract to respect with PSG. I'm calm. I prefer to be here. I feel good here.

... nearly.

But as I have said before, it doesn't only depend on the player, but also on certain things that can happen at the club.

Oh, you tease, Edinson! You tease!

Not a rumour that ever made any sense, this one. Cavani is brilliant and would eat the Premier League alive, but quite why he'd leave Paris due to unhappiness at being shoved out wide to make room for other players, then come to a United side where he'd likely end up doing exactly the same thing, has never been entirely clear.

Nor has it been easy to follow the reasoning from a United perspective: a prolific, first-team striker is one of the few players that United actively don't need. Let's file this one under "failed Ed Woodward vanity project" and move on with our lives.