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Napoli confirm interest in United midfielder

We've always loved you, Rafa Benitez.

Julian Finney

Exciting developments! Actual, on-the-record transfer action! Quotes! Oh, sweet quotes!

According to Rich Jolly over on ESPN, Serie A side Napoli have confirmed their interest in taking Marouane Fellaini from Manchester United, perhaps on loan. President Aurelio di Laurentiis is quoted as having told Radio Kiss Kiss — yes, really — that the big Belgian is one of the options that the Italian club are considering:

Fellaini is one of the names but he is not the only one on the table.

As is compulsory with any Fellaini-related story, he was also asked about the big Belgian's big hair. And he responded by saying "look, this focus on his afro is a bit weird". Oh no, wait, he didn't:

It's a lion's head. That's good. His hair could be in line with the Neapolitan style.

It's worth noting that Napoli appear to have a bit of a thing when it comes to lions. Last season's big signing Gokhan Inler was unveiled by the club from underneath a lion mask. And according to WikiName, the name Napoleon is a portmanteau of "Naples Lion". But Napoleon Bonaparte was, of course, famously short, whereas Fellaini is very tall. This leads us to conclude that this transfer, if it goes ahead, will result in Napoli winning a European trophy by defeating one of the Moscow clubs in the final.