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Wenger: United target may leave Arsenal

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Arsenal's manager has confirmed that club captain Thomas Vermaelen may leave the Emirates.

Alexander Hassenstein

Thomas Vermaelen, then. Arsenal's club captain and third-choice centre-half has been a rumoured target of Louis van Gaal and Manchester United for some time, and today Arsene Wenger gave the strongest hint yet that the Belgian might be on his way out of the Emirates.

In the cautious, softly-softly language of Wenger and transfers, that's about as broad a hint that Vermaelen's for sale as could be hoped for. He's not the sort of manager to charge into a press conference, slam his hands down on the table, and scream "Who will rid me of this turbulent Belgian?"

Is Vermaelen the right player for United? Not the best centre-back in the world, nor the youngest, yet a defensive unit that needs depth, flexibility and a bit of experience could do a lot worse, at least in tBB's opinion. Plus he looks a bit like Nemanja Vidic, so if times get desperate we can always just take our glasses off and pretend it's the good old days again.