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Are United bidding for an Argentine defender?

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According to reports in Portugal, United have actually made an offer for somebody!

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

For our latest slice of hot, steaming transfer pie, we turn to the Portuguese newspaper Record. Well, we do so with the assistance of our Unofficial Foreign Press Comprehension Agent, the super-helpful algorithms of Google Translate. And in doing so, we learn:

[Argentine and Sporting defender] Marcos Rojo refused on Tuesday to participate in the training session the morning of Sporting, considering that the proposal presented to the lions by Manchester United meets the output requirements that had been promised by the direction of the Portuguese runner-up.

The South American central not want to train or participate in any game to reduce the risk of possible injury that may harm the transfer to the Red Devils.

Record go on to add that Rojo recently rebuffed interest from Southampton, but while he didn't fancy the eighth best team in the country, the seventh best are apparently more appealing. Ain't that nice? Now, tBB isn't sure whether Rojo's any good, has no idea whether Record are trustworthy, and it appears that none of the more trustworthy papers over in England have picked this up yet, but we bring it to your attention nevertheless.

Why? Well, two reasons. One, because Rojo is a left-sided player who can play at centre back or left back, which certainly fits the profile of what United need and who they've been chasing. So it at least makes some kind of sense. And secondly, this is the same player who, during the World Cup this summer, did this:

Which is a pretty persuasive argument. Sign him up, Ed!