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United target staying in Italy?

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According to his manager, the Colombian will not be leaving Florence.


With just thirteen days to go until the transfer windows slams down on Ed Woodward's money-stuffed fingers, we've some bad news from Italy. Colombian livewire Juan Cuadrado will not be leaving Fiorentina this summer. At least, not according to his manager, former Fulham legend Vincenzo Montella:

I have never thought of losing Juan. He's been here in the past, he is here now and he will be here in the future. I don't think about how his story might finish. A player like him can play in every position in midfield.

Every position in midfield, you say?

[tBB gazes wistfully into the middle distance]

Anyway, it's pretty unambiguous stuff, considering this is the transfer market and nobody ever says what they mean. These remarks were made to local newspaper La Nazione, and while tBB has been unable to find them online, they're being quoted by pretty much everybody. So, yeah. That's another name off the list. Let misery, woe and doom be unconfined.