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Real Madrid: "Di Maria asked to leave"

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According to Carlo Ancelotti, Ángel Di María has asked to leave the club.

Denis Doyle

Things are happening at Real Madrid, and those things are interesting. For the first time on the record, their manager Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that Ángel Di María wants out of the club.

Di Maria asked us to leave this summer. Then, he rejected an offer from another club. If he stays here, he will be used and he will not be a problem for us, but he's the one who needs to make up his mind and find an answer to this question.

While it's not entirely clear whether he wants out under any circumstances, or is simply looking to leave because he's not about to be given a new contract, that's more or less immaterial. There's the door, Ancelotti is saying. Up to you.

So here's what we have: a player who has asked to leave the club, a club who appear to be entirely willing for that to happen, and a Manchester United manager who has specifically named the player in question as a winger he admires. Chief executives lie awake dreaming of this kind of thing. The widest open of open goals. And who's the ball bouncing to? It's Woodward!