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Van Gaal suggests Manchester United will bid for Vidal

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An accidentally-on-purpose nudge in a post-match interview? We're saying so.

Paolo Bruno

It's on. It. Is. On. It is so on that Donkey Kong looks, frankly, like an amateur.

You might be thinking "er, well, that sounds like a joke." And you'd be right. It does sound a bit like a joke, on the surface. If you're just casually browsing. But then you realise: the obvious joke players are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Titus Bramble ... not a player that United have been linked with throughout the summer. When there's context, a joke becomes a prod.

And then you recall that the last time Van Gaal pulled a similar trick, when asked about wingers, he mentioned one completely silly target, Cristiano Ronaldo, along with Angel di Maria. And that came (seems to be coming) true. So ... by inference.

And then you realise that it is definitely, totally, one hundred percent on, and nobody ever needs to sit through Tom Cleverley again, and you realise that sometimes, drawing 1-1 away at Sunderland is the right thing to do.