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Napoli end interest in United midfielder — reports

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According to the papers, Marouane Fellaini's ankle injury has ended his chances of spending the season on loan with Napoli.

Clive Brunskill

Exciting news, everybody! It turns out that Manchester United may go into the new season with one more central midfielder than expected! Marouane Fellaini is staying!

The Belgian midfielder has been linked with a move to Napoli for much of the summer, as Rafael Benitez seeks to reinforce his squad and United look to trim their squad and, perhaps, restore a little of Fellaini's value ahead of a permanent move next summer. But Fellaini's recent ankle injury — seriousness as yet undetermined — has kiboshed the deal, at least according to the Independent.

There's a rather cute aside in that story as well. For all that he was fairly miserable in every sense last season, apparently he still wants a crack at being a United player:

His move to United was of bigger significance than has been widely appreciated. The player and his family considered the move to be a huge achievement for him. Fellaini struggled to establish himself last season and was seen as a symbol of the disastrous David Moyes tenure. But Fellaini does not consider Moyes' departure to spell the end for him, despite the scepticism of many United fans.

Well, now he gets the chance to prove it. After all, he may not be good enough for United, but he's certainly a lot better than he showed last season.