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Manchester United will have to pay "top price" for Ajax midfielder

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If Louis van Gaal wants to bring Daley Blind across from Ajax, he'll have to pay for the privilege

Buda Mendes

One thing that's been surprising about Louis van Gaal's reign so far: he hasn't signed any Dutchmen. The assumption was that his arrival would be followed, in fairly short order, by the very best talents from his over-achieving national team. Yet so far, nothing. Not even the one purchase that everybody thought was absolutely nailed on, Ajax's versatile midfielder/defender Daley Blind.

Recent noises in the UK press suggest that a move might finally be on the horizon, as Van Gaal realises that everything is even worse than he thought. And on cue, Ajax's director of football Marc Overmars has had his say:

We believe that we currently have a strong team and want Daley to stay for another year. Only if the absolute top price is paid is a transfer negotiable. Daley's management know how we feel at the moment. Next year we will have a much more lenient policy, we are willing to talk with Daley and we will settle for a reasonable price.

For those of you that don't speak Dutch, this translates as "We know you have money, Manchester United, and we want you to give us lots and lots and lots of it. Please. Come on. Over here. Money money money."

There's some rumblings around Daley, some clubs enquired, but there is no concrete offer. And with Manchester United, there is no contact at all.