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Spanish side join the chase for Tom Cleverley

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First Villa, now Valencia ... Tom Cleverley's future centres around the letter 'V'.

Alex Livesey

Operation Farewell Tom is proceeding apace. Yesterday we learned that Aston Villa had made a bid of £8m for the Bradford Xavi, a bid that United have apparently accepted. Today, it appears that Spanish side Valencia are also interested:

Which would be ... interesting. Obviously, it would give Cleverley the chance to really test his theory that his Spanish-style game isn't suited to England. If he's right, then Spain sounds the ideal destination. A glorious utopia filled with refined football fans who applaud the recycling of possession. Not like these uneducated yobs who seem to want the ball to go forward at some point.

Valencia — how finished 8th in La Liga last season — look to be gearing themselves up for some serious late-window business. As well as Cleverley, they've also been linked to Shinji Kagawa (on who more later, perhaps) and Javier Hernandez. It's a crazy combination, but it might just work.