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Juan Mata welcomes Daley Blind to United

It's a novel way of confirming a signing, but this one looks sorted.

Robert Cianflone

Juan Mata, when he's not flitting about behind Manchester United's strikers, trimming his beard, or commuting to work in a boat fashioned from an acorn cup, likes to write about football on the internet. And while it's a surprise to see him coming over all ITK, he's probably fairly reliable, what with him being actually a player at the club.

Here's a paragraph from his latest (which also includes musings on Spanish football, not beating Burnley, and other such matters that mean nothing on deadline day):

Here I would like to welcome Di María and Blind to the club. I am sure these two players will give a lot to us and will strengthen the team. We already know what Ángel is capable of, his ability and dribbling skills, and Daley has a great touch and is very intelligent, as he showed during the World Cup.

So there we go. Daley Blind becomes this year's deadline day midfield solution, with added bonus left back and centre back content. Let's hope it works out better for him than the last bloke.