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DONE DEAL: Javier Hernandez joins Real Madrid on loan

The Mexican striker is off to sunny Spain.

Stephen Dunn

And there we go. Javier Hernandez is now a Real Madrid player. Well, technically he's still a Manchester' United player because he's only left on loan, but shut up:

Hernandez joined United in 2010 for around £6m, which stands as something of a bargain. He leaves having made 154 appearances, 69 of them as substitutes, and scored 59 goals, one of those with the back of his head. Though his last season was disappointing, he was brilliant in his first season as United secured their 19th title. Plus he seemed a nice lad.

From fourth-choice striker at Manchester United to second-choice striker at Real Madrid: it's odd that a player whose had such a disappointing season or so should wangle himself what is effectively a promotion. But everybody knows that he's got the talent, and maybe a change of scenery is what's needed. All the best.