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United linked with 15-year-old Norwegian wonderkid

He's young and he's exciting. Of course Manchester United are interested!

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Pascal Le Segretain

Some non-Falcao news/rumours. According to Sky Sports, United are making a move for 15-year-old Norwegian super-prospect Martin Ødegaard. Though young, Ødegaard has been playing in the Strømsgodset first team over the last season and recently received his first international cap when Norway played the United Arab Emirates, becoming the Scandinavian nation's youngest ever international in the process.

Skilful, clever and hard working, Ødegaard is something of a cause celebre in his home country. Norwegian journalist Lars Sivertsen has written in the Mirror that he is being taken as proof that "There is no reason why having a small talent pool means you can't develop top class talent, if the kids train enough and with the right guidance." Ødegaard also doesn't have an agent, which is nearly unthinkable for a modern footballer. He says it's down to the fact that:

My only focus is to become a better footballer. Right now there is no agent that can make me a better footballer. I have people around me who are better at developing me than any agent.

Which is nice. It seems fair to conclude that United are interested. Ødegaard spent some time training at Old Trafford last season, along with a couple of visits to other notable European clubs including Bayern Munich. And United have reportedly scouted him on multiple occasions, both at club level and his international debut; again, they're not alone in that, and both Juventus and Barcelona have been mentioned in various places.

But as for anything happening today, it's only really Sky Sports News that are pushing it. None of the papers have picked this up, and Strømsgodset sporting director Jostein Flo has reportedly stated that Ødegaard is not in England and will not be making any move today. TBB's current thinking is that this is one of those rumours that has its basis in truth, but its shape in speculation.