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Welbeck "having medical" at Arsenal

What's the opposite of zup zup?

Alex Livesey

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In comes Radamel Falcao, out goes somebody else. Danny Welbeck, specifically, who according to Sky Sources is having a medical at Arsenal.

An odd one, this. Obviously it makes sense from Welbeck's perspective: he's significantly better than all Arsenal's uninjured strikers and won't have to compete with Olivier Giroud until December. And if there's one club that aren't going to play him out of position on the wing it's Arsenal, since, er, they're already doing exactly that with Mesut Ozil.

A strange move from United though. After all, Arsenal are one of the rivals for the Champions League places, and given how crucial regaining that status is to everything, including the impending Adidas sponsorship deal, it seems an odd risk to take. Falcao is an obvious upgrade for United, but so too is Welbeck for Arsenal.

And also, y'know, it's Welbeck. He's a local lad, he's been at the club since he was a foetus, and he's completely adorable. Sad times. It's with a sigh of regret that tBB prepares to revoke "dat guy" status.