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Arsenal "categorically deny" Welbeck medical story

In! Out! In! Out! Shake Welbeck all about!

Michael Regan

Well, folks, Sky Sports have had an absolute blinder. In half an hour, we've gone from "Welbeck is having a medical" through "Welbeck may have completed a medical" to, well, this:

So dry your eyes, and place your breaking hearts on hold. The general consensus seems to be that United are happy to let Welbeck move somewhere, and Welbeck would like that somewhere to be Arsenal on a permanent deal, but that Arsenal aren't too excited. Sky's new line is that any deal is "a long way away," which is quite the turnaround. Expect him to be a Tottenham player within the hour.

But on the other hand, do keep this in mind. Everybody is lying to each other, and to you, all the time. Except tBB.