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United making a late move for Sampdoria and Argentina goalkeeper - reports

Could United be making another surprise move, this time for goalkeeper Sergio Romero?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Hello, late-breaking and totally unexpected transfer move! According to Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport, Manchester United are "one step away" from signing Sampdoria and Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero. Here's what the paper has to say:

The market for Manchester United is not finished yet: In the afternoon there was an accelerated decisive on the Argentine goalkeeper Romero, owned by Sampdoria. The deal is being led by his agent, Mino Raiola: goalkeeper, United and Sampdoria are one step away from finding the ultimate white smoke. At the United Romero will be the twelfth of De Gea.

Thanks as ever to our foreign language consultant, Mr G. Translate. "One step away from finding the ultimate white smoke" is a lovely phrase.

Now, we have no idea if this is happening. Against is the fact that Romero has apparently been "one step away" from Liverpool for much of the summer, which raises the prospect that Sampdoria are simply trying to smoke out other suitors. In favour, though, are reports from the Netherlands over the last day or so that United failed in a bid for Dutch keeper Kenneth Vermeer. If true, that certainly suggests that United are looking for a De Gea back up.

Oh, and he spent last season at Monaco and the World Cup with Argentina. So he won't be without friends at Old Trafford. Ultimately, we don't know. But if this one happens, then it definitely counts as a swoop.