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Tom Cleverley rejects Aston Villa, will wait for Everton

It looks as though The Brand's departure from Old Trafford is going to go to the wire.

Alex Livesey

Tom Cleverley is at something of a crossroads. He has one year left on his contract, and if he wants to he can spend that year sitting on his hands at Old Trafford, while the last vestiges of any respect that anybody had for him drains slowly away. Or he can pick a football club, play football, and get on with things.

But it won't be Aston Villa. At least, not according to the Telegraph's John Percy:

There have been rumours all day that Cleverley's wage demands pose a problem for Villa, and it looks like that one's dead. Sky Sports' man outside Everton, meanwhile, when he wasn't having a purple dildo stuck in his ear in the name of banter, was fairly unequivocal on the matter. Everton want Cleverley on loan, and Cleverley might well be up for that. But both parties are happy to let the deadline tick closer. It's going to be a late one.