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Everton move collapses as Cleverley chooses not to be footballer

The Brand is staying at Old Trafford. Until January, at least.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We don't know precisely what's happened here, but we can guess. Tom Cleverley, lately unwanted of Manchester United, was thoroughly wanted by both Aston Villa and Everton. His wage demands did for the Villa move, and now Sky Sports are reporting that Everton have confirmed that no deal will take place.

Now, it's possible that he's messed up a piece of brinkmanship; that he priced himself out of the Villa move because he wanted to go to a stronger club and a manager he knew, but then the Everton move collapsed for reasons as yet unknown. Maybe United wouldn't accept a loan move. Maybe Everton couldn't pay a loan fee. It's possible.

But it looks, at least to tBB's cynical and jaundiced eyes, like T-Clevz has chosen to sit on the bench and collect his United wages for a year. Instead of, you know, being a footballer.

This is one of those moments when footballers seem baffling. Obviously, he's not lacking in self-belief and may well think that he's capable of working himself back into the United side. But the fact that he's been told to leave suggests that he's not going to get the chance. And the fact that not one but two moves have collapsed suggests that he's managed to find yet another way to embarrass himself in public.