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Arsenal granted extension to complete Welbeck deal

Because two months just isn't enough for some clubs.

Alex Livesey

Arsenal have been granted an extension to the transfer window, in order to allow them to complete the signing of Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck. Sky Sports News have announced that the London club have been given "a couple" of extra hours to get the business done.

This isn't the first time that Arsenal have needed extra time to get all their homework done. In January 2009, a combination of inclement weather and a recalcitrant Zenit St. Petersburg meant that Andrei Arshavin's transfer wasn't completed until nearly 24 hours after the closure of the window. Hopefull, we won't be waiting that long again.

It's not exactly clear why the transfer has been delayed, but presumably starting work on the transfer at five in the afternoon doesn't help. Ordinarily, at this stage we'd lecture Arsenal on their poor planning and chide them for keeping us up late. But, well, we're still waiting for Falcao. Any time you like, Eddy. Any time you like.