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Fletcher set for move to London

According to the papers, Darren Fletcher will shortly be swapping Old Trafford for Upton Park.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

It's been a quiet transfer window so far at Old Trafford, but all that may be about to change. According to a report in London's Evening Standard, Manchester United vice-captain Darren Fletcher is "poised" to join "West Ham" on "loan" for the rest of the "season".

Sam "Allardyce" appears to have beaten Valencia "and" West Brom in one of the oddest races that it's ever been tBB's duty to imagine, and with Fletcher's "contract" due to "expire" this "summer", apparently he feels "the time" is "right" to find somewhere else to play. Which makes sense from a United point of view; though Van Gaal initially seemed quite keen to use the Scot in the first team, giving him the vice-captaincy and selecting him for the first three games of the season, he's dropped right down the midfield hierarchy in recent months.

Irritating quote marks aside, tBB "understands" that the author of the piece, Ken Dyer, is quite well connected when it comes to West Ham, so there might be "something" in this. If so, then ta-ra, Fletch. Best of luck. Enjoy Kevin Nolan.