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Argentine prodigy and United target WILL move in January

But where will Paulo Dybala end up?

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

We don't know where Palermo and Argentina striker Paulo Dybala is going, but it seems more certain than ever that he'll be going somewhere. This morning's Daily Star reckon Arsenal are the leaders, but then last October the Star also thought that the world was at risk of invasion by "black-eyed ghost children", and we seem to have survived.

But! We bring to your attention a quote (via Eurosport) from Palermo owner Maurizio Zamparini:

This year he has exploded, but I already knew that he was very good. The boy is now in the hands of some people who don't wish him well. It's difficult to see him staying at Palermo. Dybala is worth over €40m but I won't sell him until June. Many foreign clubs asked after him, including Manchester United.

Dybala has been linked with United before, of course; the club apparently scouted him last week, and these comments echo Zamparini's comments on the matter in January. The "people who don't wish him well" are new, however; presumably this is a reference to some agent-inspired behind the scenes shenanigans. As for Dybala himself, he apparently "dreams" of playing for either Barcelona or Manchester ... City. Ah.

Still, at least he's not bothered about the weather.