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Fletcher may still leave, West Brom interested

He's not going to London, but he may yet go West.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Well, it's only a few letters different. Darren Fletcher's move to West Ham may only have recently collapsed, but that just means an opportunity for other entities named West to get involved. And since Westfield is a shopping centre, and Westing by Musket and Sextant is a Pavement record, and neither has any use for a tenacious-if-now-sadly-limited defensive midfielder, it's West Brom that have emerged as favourites.

At least, that's according to the Manchester Evening News. Apparently:

Tony Pulis is an admirer of the Scotland international and was one of the first to register an interest when it became clear he would be allowed to leave Old Trafford.

The thought of Fletcher in a Pulis side is, at least to tBB's mind, quite a pleasing one. Give Fletcher a solid defence behind him and he'll be plenty useful, we reckon, and he won't have to do too much scampering about. As such, we official nominate this A Good Move For All Concerned.