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Zaha edging closer to permanent Palace move

The winger's loan deal may be made permanent today.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

What a curious career Wilfried Zaha has had. Bought for Manchester United by one manager, loaned back to Crystal Palace for half a season, barely used by a completely different manager at United, loaned back to Crystal Palace for another half a season. And now, just to round out the palindrome, he's reportedly on the verge of a permanent return.

According to Sky:

Sky sources understand Crystal Palace and Manchester United are still negotiating a deal to take Wilfried Zaha back to Palace on a permanent deal. At this stage, our sources understand that a deal is looking increasingly likely.

It will presumably be at something of a loss, when compared to the £15m that brought him up from London in the first place. Perhaps, as parting gifts to your successor go, a talented but ultra-raw winger isn't quite the right decision. Something to bear in mind there, Alex, if you're reading.