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De Gea will reject Real Madrid ... according to his agent

United's goalkeeper is happy in Manchester, apparently.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Jorge "Georgie" Mendes is, if we're being honest, the man who really runs football. Agent to the stars, éminence grise behind many a throne, and the man who handles the transfers of, among other people, Manchester United goalkeeper and great llama-like hope David de Gea.

So when words come out of his mouth, they do so for a reason. And when they are following words, in the following order ...

De Gea has one year left on his contract and I think that he will stay in Manchester. The player will decide, but he's happy there, at the moment.

... then it might be time to get a bit excited.

Or not. Because while everything Mendes says is aimed at somebody, the target here might well be Real Madrid, in a sort of hurry up and get your act together, lads, we haven't got all day. So, we'll see. Moderate excitement, perhaps. A muffled whoop.

Update: Or, as points out below, it might just mean he'll run down his contract and then amble off for nothing. And now tBB is thoroughly miserable.