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World Cup winner ready for United move — reports

The Mats Hummels saga enters another chapter, apparently.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

It's been a while since we had anything Mats Hummels-related. Ever since January came and went, things seem to have been stuck in a kind of limbo: United want him, he's focusing on sorting out Dortmund, and Dortmund are focusing on sorting themselves out. Rinse and repeat.

But no more! As the next transfer window appears in the distance — just the trifling business of the rest of the season to get out of the way first — things start to move again. The Daily Mail, once again focusing on the costs of immigration, report that United "have finally been given the go-ahead" and that Hummels:

has decided he's ready to cut his ties with the fallen Bundesliga giants and move on. He is fully aware of continuing interest from Old Trafford and is believed to have set his sights on becoming the latest big-name addition to an expensive United refit under Louis Van Gaal.

Apparently Dortmund will accept a bid of £36m for the central defender, which sounds like a lot. But we at tBB have every faith in Ed Woodward business nous, and are sure that, given time, he'll be able to negotiate a fee of £45m. And not a penny less.