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United talking to agent of Porto star — reports

Young rightback Danilo is being lined up for the summer, apparently.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

It's becoming increasingly clear that Louis van Gaal — possibly because he hates fun, possibly because he likes defending — does not rate Manchester United's adorable scampering rightback Rafael. The little Brazilian last appeared in a United shirt on 4 January for the not-entirely-convincing 2-0 win over Yeovil Town; since then, we're been treated to the sight of Antonio Valencia huffing and puffing up and down the right, a an object lesson in the value of obedience over ebullience.

However, it appears that whatever LVG's problem with one particular Brazilian rightback, he's not against them in principle. At least, that's if Spanish newspaper Sport are to be believed. Apparently United and Real Madrid are both eyeing Porto's fullback Danilo, and there's good news!

Are the English, at this time, which seem to have some advantage over other competitors. Evidenced by the fact that the player's agent is in Manchester to negotiate with the entity of Old Trafford. But not only that. United are willing to pay the termination clause Player, amounting to 50 million, according to British media. Anyway, we would not need because the Oporto accept an offer that reached 40 million euros.

Willing to pay €50m for a player who would only cost €40m? That's our Eddy! Anyway, if you haven't been keeping up with your Portuguese football, apparently this Danilo, who is 23 and has 11 caps, is pretty good.

Louis van Gaal not want to miss one of the most promising lateral rights of all who belong to the European leagues. After visiting Porto, Danilo has grown as a player and has attracted interest from many of the great continent . Among them, too, Barca player following the long, though his options are slim to sign him.

Thanks, as ever, to Mr G. Translate for his sterling work. Here's a video, which makes him look quite fun. We're off to sob into our RAFAEL 2 jersey.