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Is Falcao staying? Is he going? Nobody knows!

Oh, hokey-cokey! Oh, hokey-cokey!

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Sometimes, reports all point in the same direction, and so we, your loyal news-contextualisers, are able to to bring you a simple story, which you can then dismiss or accept as you like.

Other times, nobody seems able to agree on anything. And when it comes to Falcao, well, reports are very much differing. The Mirror, citing "reports in France", claim that Manchester United have:

decided not to make Radamel Falcao's move to Old Trafford permanent in the summer. [...] United have decided to send Falcao back to Monaco instead.

Definitely believable: he has, the occasional moment aside, been exceptionally disappointing this campaign, looking bereft of form and fitness. £43.2m for four goals in 20 appearances? Surely nobody, not even Ewar Woowar at his most profligate, would countenance that?

But hold on just a minute there. For the Telegraph have taken these reports from France and contacted United, and have been told:

will be given the chance to save his Manchester United career over the final three months of the season, despite the Colombian's struggle for form and goals at Old Trafford. [...] Despite reports in France today claiming that United have informed Monaco that they will not be taking up their option to sign Falcao in the summer, senior figures at Old Trafford have insisted that no such communication has taking place.

Which is also very believable. Not necessarily because a decision hasn't been made, though that might be true. But because United are probably going to need Falcao at some point between now and the end of the season. Robin van Persie is injured (and not in great form), James Wilson is young (and not exactly banging them in), and Wayne Rooney is being played all over the place.

So even if he is to be sent back to the Grand Prix — and it's looking likely — he has work to do first. And he'll will need to be kept in as positive a frame of mind as possible to do that work. Surely nobody, not even Ewar Woowar at his most garrulous, would be undermining that?