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Di María to leave in the summer?

Manchester United's record signing might not get a second season.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Ángel Di María, it's fair to say, hasn't quite been the revelation that his reputation (and transfer fee) promised. And if reports in the Mirror are to be believed, his stay in Manchester might be a short one. According to the Mirror, Paris Saint-Germain are lurking. Lurking with intent.

Di María might well have moved to Paris last summer, of course, had PSG not found their transfer market freedoms limited by (a) UEFA's financial fair play rules, and (b) their decision to spend £50m on David Luiz. Since then, he's played occasionally well but mostly weakly for United, and has had his house raided by burglars; his family are now in a hotel, and his mansion is up for sale. None of which bodes especially well for United's chances of keeping him.

Which would be, on the one hand, a shame, since he's a thrilling player to watch when he's on form. But if he's not happy and he can't find his form, and PSG are willing to swap him for a not-insignificant amount of money, then it's hard not to think that a deal might be best for everybody. Not least because it means we get to enjoy juicy Memphis Depay/Gareth Bale/Lucas Moura rumours all summer.