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United move into "pole position" for England U21 star

If the papers are to be believed, Danny Ings could soon be United bound.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Exciting news from the Daily Mail. Apparently, "Manchester United" have "become favourites" to "sign Danny Ings", and have been "holding talks" with "Burnley" about a "summer deal".

Ings, who has scored nine league goals this season, is out of contract at the end of the season and so could agree a deal with United at any moment, and move for a fee calculated by tribunal. Apparently Louis van Gaal was extremely impressed with his performance at Old Trafford in United's hugely fortunate 3-1 win, and United think he'll play for England one day.

All sorted, then. Welcome Danny ... wait! Hang on just one goshdarned minute! What's this from the Lancashire Telegraph?

Reports yesterday suggested the Red Devils had opened discussions with the Clarets about doing a deal for the 22-year-old striker now ahead of a summer move, but it understood that is not the case.

Oh dear.

For what it's worth, this aspect of tBB quite likes Danny Ings. He seems to have a bit of moxie about him, and given the likely fee (about £5m) he'd be practically a risk-free transfer. The only concern is what might happen to James Wilson as a result. This aspect of tBB likes him as well. Oh, it's a troubling life.