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Possible De Gea replacement 'wants Champions League football'

According to the papers, Tottenham's Hugo Lloris may leave White Hart Lane at the end of the season.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

With admirable understatement, the Guardian today says that Hugo Lloris, currently in nets for Tottenham, "knows the summer market for top goalkeepers is set to be complicated."

Still, with the bravery and rashness typical of his goalkeeping style, that hasn't stopped the Frenchman charging into the market shouting "Me! Me! Somebody look at me!" Apparently, Lloris:

will consider his future at the end of the season if and more likely when Tottenham Hotspur do not qualify for the Champions League.


frustrated and finds his career approaching a crossroads.


has long made it plain to the club's chairman, Daniel Levy, that he wants to play in the Champions League.

All of which means, of course, that:

the future of David de Gea at Manchester United could have an impact.

We're in two plus two equals something that looks a bit like four territory here, but still, it makes some sense. Lloris knows the league, is happy to play football well outside his box, and is certainly capable of the spectacular. (And he's spent a lot of time looking in frustration at a mess of a defence.) He'd be expensive — there is Daniel Levy to negotiate with — but, then, so would De Gea.

One to keep an eye on, we think. Assuming United qualify, of course ...