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Manchester United face battle for Spurs' Harry Kane, Angel Di Maria plans United stay

Tottenham Hotspur plan to resist any Manchester United bid for Harry Kane, Marcos Rojo says Angel Di Maria is working to stay in England, and Nathaniel Clyne looks set to move to Liverpool. FC United of Manchester play their first official game against Benfica.

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Doing football properly.
Doing football properly.
Dave Thompson/Getty Images

There's transfer news, and also the chance to mock Tom Cleverley, but more importantly than that, there is FC United of Manchester's game in their new ground, Broadhurst Park, playing a friendly against Benfica's reserves. All this achieved in 10 years, while down the road at Old Trafford, they've gone backwards. You can read about it in the Daily Mail here.

A Daily Mirror round-up includes a story that Untied have agreed a deal for Ilkay Gundogan. Let's be honest, none of us have any idea at all what's going on with that. Have a read here, then admit the same.

Cleverley's here, forgetting that he is the kind of person to bully newspapers into taking negative stories about him down and then being rewarded by a vacuous puff pieces, and also that Roy Keane, at least, suspects him of leaking team sheets, or claiming that he's not rated because we're just not clever, like the Spanish, or all kinds of rubbish. Anyway, managed by Tim Sherwood now, he's found his level. Huh.

Harry Kane! Is he good, is he actually rubbish? Like Alan Partridge says, the mind plays tricks. It is moot, apparently, because both Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy have said in a Spurs Q&A that he'll be staying at the club this summer. If United's interest in genuine, expect things to get a little less confident than that. That's in The Telegraph.

Good news if you like excellent players, bad news if you hate gutless players, conflicting news for many of us. Marcos Rojo believes that Angel Di Maria will be at United for the foreseeable future. He's taking English lessons, and what an incredible financial outlay that is on his part, there is no way he can leave now. Manchester Evening News have the quotes that I can't be bothered to type out here.

Lastly, ESPNFC say that United have dropped their interest in Nathaniel Clyne of Southampton, as Liverpool have already made one bid. That in all likelihood means United have something else arranged already, so get your thinking caps on.