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Sergio Ramos requests transfer from Real Madrid to Manchester United — reports

According to the television, Sergio Ramos has told Real Madrid that he wants to move to Manchester United.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

You wait all summer for some central defender news, and then two come along at once! Just as we were reeling from the shock — BANG! — that Phil Jones will be with Manchester United for the foreseeable future, all of a sudden — KAPOW! — out of nowhere comes this fat, juicy slice of gossip pie.

That's according to Graham Hunter, who tends to be one of the more reliable voices on Spanish football in the English media. Hunter was speaking to Sky Sports News, who followed that up with this ...

... though that might well be last week's news.

Whether this amounts to a formal transfer request isn't quite clear. But perhaps we can move this transfer in a little closer, from "exceptionally unlikely" to "quite unlikely". Hell, we've had good weather. Let's nudge it to "in the balance". You deserve it.

Update! Here's the man himself. Hunter. Not Ramos. That would be silly.