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Javier Hernández leaves Real Madrid, returns to Manchester United

Manchester United's on-loan striker returns from Real Madrid, who have not exercised their option to buy him permanently. Is he coming back into the team as well?

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Javier Hernández is back! Despite a couple of decent showings towards the end of the season, Real Madrid bizarrely decided that they didn't want to keep him for a good, a decision that the man himself is rather optimistically spinning as:

If Madrid want me next season they will have to fight with other clubs that want me.

Whether that includes Manchester United remains to be seen. Hernández takes the view that while he might have been unwanted last time around, this time things might be different:

My priority is to play ... Last summer it was a different situation. When Van Gaal arrived he wanted to restructure the team and reduce the number of players. They weren't playing in Europe and he preferred to focus on the Premier League. Perhaps he didn't want many players because we wouldn't have played.

Which sounds, again, like vaguely adorable optimism, but might actually be a decent point. United are going to need a bigger squad next season, and with Falcao having left, Van Persie possibly doing likewise, and Wilson still very young, there's certainly something to recommend keeping him on. Hernandez also has the advantage of being quick and irritating to play against, even if he's not the world's most reliable finisher. And he's nice.

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