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Angel di Maria to Paris Saint-Germain is done — reports

Angel di Maria, Manchester United's miserable Argentine, will finally get his move to Paris Saint-Germain. At least, that's what it says here.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

After just one initially mixed, ultimately miserable season at Manchester United, it looks like Angel di Maria will be taking his talents to the Left Bank. Or wherever in the city Paris Saint-Germain are based; we don't actually know, we just quite liked the joke. Look, forget about all that. Here's France Football:

Angel Di Maria PSG is imminent. The capital club have reached an agreement with leaders Manchester United for the transfer of Argentine international for 65 million euros. The left-hander, who is completing his vacation after having played including the final of the Copa America, is expected to join his new team Friday or Saturday in the US, where it performs its preparation.

Thanks, Mr G. Translate.

No real surprise here, of course. Di Maria would have gone to PSG last season were it not for those pesky Financial Fair Play regulations, and he played most of the second half of the season like a man preoccupied with trying to nail down the tu/vous distinction. A shame it didn't work out, of course, but you'd suspect his departure won't be much mourned. Particularly if this evening's other big transfer story turns to be true ...